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Training / Course in Liquor Licensing - Online

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Nomination Process

Club size doesn't matter, our application and judging process gives everyone a chance to win amongst clubs of a similar calibre to theirs!

This year clubs are able to choose between submitting the forms online, or downloading the PDF forms and emailing/faxing them to us. 

Online Forms
The online forms can be saved & edited as many times as you like up until the closing date, with a copy of your draft nomination emailed to you for safe keeping every time you hit 'Submit/Save'.  At the time of closing (5pm March 30, 2018), the latest online form that you submitted will count as your FINAL submission. Some forms do require you to email through attachments - please ensure this is complete prior to above deadline too. We recommend using any internet browser except Internet Explorer to complete the forms.

PDF Forms
The forms are also available in PDF format for those who prefer to download and print the forms. Once ready to submit, send your forms to Clubs WA with the required attachments (Closing date is 5pm (5pm March 30, 2018). On each of the PDF forms there are details on where and how to send the form to Clubs WA. 

Terms and Conditions of Entry

  • A nominating club must be a current financial member of Clubs WA.
  • Information provided in your submissions must only be from the qualifying period. Judges will not take into consideration achievements outside this duration. Exception to this qualifying period is the "Lifetime Contribution to Volunteering" award which recognises a "lifetime" of volunteering; site judging for relevant events; and the Best Club Chef competitions which will be held in March 2018.
  • Clubs that have won the same category for 3 consecutive years will be inducted into the Clubs WA Industry Awards Hall of Fame, and are required to have a 2-year cooling off period and cannot enter that specific award for that duration.
  • Split-premises clubs, whether as a result of amalgamation or split-premise, are to enter the Awards in their own right and submit independent entries. Where a split-premise club is the recipient of an award, any promotional material related to that award must refer only to the split-premise club and not the amalgamated group to which it belongs to.
  • Clubs WA has the right to withdraw and replace award categories from year to year as well as amend dates for submissions and the gala dinner.
  • In consideration of Clubs WA accepting their entry, the entrant indemnifies Clubs WA against all claims, losses, suits and demands made against or suffered by the club, due to any negligent act of omission on the part of the entrant. Clubs WA, its staff, judges, sponsors, transport companies and the like cannot be held responsible for any damages and/or loss of materials that are submitted as an entry.
  • If at any time following submission of entry, the club being put forward goes into winding up, receivership, liquidation or bankruptcy, the entrant is required to advise Clubs WA and accepts that the submission will no longer be eligible for an award.
  • Clubs WA and its appointed judges will hold all information supplied by nominating clubs and individuals in the strictest of confidence.
  • At the judges’ discretion, Highly Commended awards may also be given to entries that do not win their category yet demonstrate outstanding achievements or great innovation.
  • The entrant agrees to abide by the final decision of the judges and understands that no additional correspondence will be entered into and/or considered. Under no circumstances will the judges be held responsible for any comment, viewpoint or expression, whether expressed or implied, concerning the standard or quality of an entrant’s submission.
  • Clubs WA may use any photographs submitted by entrants to promote the Awards for Excellence to the media and community. Your contact details may be supplied to agencies on behalf or award organisers/committees for promotional/ media purposes.
  • In extenuating circumstances Clubs WA may grant extensions to clubs, but only if sufficient prior notice is given and approved by the Awards Sub-Committee.
  • Clubs entering the Clubs WA 2018 Awards for Excellence must have a representative of their club in attendance at the presentation gala on Saturday, 16 June 2018. 
  • The entrant agrees that in the 12 month period following the awards, should any action be brought against the club that may bring discredit to the Awards of Excellence, any award that has been presented, will be revoked.
  • Clubs WA has the right to relocate clubs to the appropriate categories where required. Where applicable, when submitting your nominations, you will be required to disclose your approximate most recent annual turnover amount. Clubs WA reserves the right to request evidence of any submissions.
  • At the time of closing, the latest online forms & email attachments received by Clubs WA will count as the FINAL submission. Any submissions made after the 5pm deadline might not be eligible for consideration.