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About Us

There are more than 900 licensed community sport, social, cultural and recreation clubs across Western Australia that share more than 320,000 members. The nature of the club industry is unique in that registered clubs are community-owned and all profits (if any) made are distributed back into the community through infrastructure and support of local programs and groups.

Clubs WA is the industry body for licensed clubs and works with the Government, private sector and public to strengthen the role of clubs amongst local communities and to ensure they remain viable.

Clubs WA is part of a national body, ClubsAustralia, and is the largest membership-based not-for-profit organisation in Western Australia. With an active involvement in almost every town, the club industry spreads to a quarter of the population of Western Australia.

Clubs WA Members

Western Australian clubs are heavily restricted in regards to liquor licensing, venue hire and who is able to enter their clubs. Clubs WA provides each of its member clubs with tailored advice and guides on how to work with relevant regulatory bodies to develop and strengthen their club. Clubs WA also offers hospitality training courses through its national training portal, Hospitality Alliance Training (HAT). These courses include Responsible Service of Alcohol, Approved Manager (MLP1) Training and Food Safety courses. In October 2014 Clubs WA launched two new training workshops, Good Governance and Workplace Relations. HAT is one of the largest providers of RSA training in Australia and has trained more than 55,000 individuals across all hospitality industries.

HAT is one of the largest providers of RSA training in Australia and has successfully trained more than 50,000 people across all hospitality industries.

Why do clubs join Clubs WA?

  • Annual industry events including the Club Awards for Excellence
  • Representation to Government and regulatory bodies
  • Tailored advice on everything from wages and staff disputes to Constitution amendments
  • Pre-designed templates for club management
  • Referrals to professional, legal, financial and insurance services
  • Compliance Management advice including Club Licence Audits, Harm Minimisation documents and Club Constitutions
  • Workplace Relations Services
  • Industry communication tools including a monthly newsletter (the Service Bulletin) and weekly News in Briefs
  • Special offers from Clubs WA’s Corporate Partners
  • Clubs WA’s club members (and their members) receive $20 off all of HAT’s liquor courses and Governance modules

To join the 540 clubs who are already members of Clubs WA and have your vioce heard, please call
1300 640 616
or email

Clubs WA

Clubs WA - the Voice of the Club Community since 1957


Western Australian Community

Western Australian clubs are always on the lookout for new passionate members to join up. Community members can find their local club by visiting the Club Section of the website and select their region. To find out what events and activities are happening at local clubs visit the Clubs WA Facebook page.

Australian Hospitality Industry

The team at Clubs WA recognised that there was a need for a high-quality hospitality training courses amongst clubs and other sectors of the national hospitality industry. Through its nationally-registered training portal, Hospitality Alliance Training (HAT), Clubs WA has trained more than 55,000 individuals across the country. Knowing that each State has different regulations and expectations for liquor training courses, HAT has designed tailored courses for every environment. Liquor courses are affordable and unlike other cheap Responsible Service of Alcohol courses offered online HAT makes sure that students actually understand how to serve responsibly at the end of the course. To visit the full list of nationally accredited courses, visit the Hospitality Alliance Training website and select your State.