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Training / Course in Liquor Licensing - Online


Provides limited sponsorship programs for clubs in Western Australia.

Lottery West
The Lotteries Commission of the State Government offer grants to some clubs in Western Australia from the profits obtained from "Lotto" and its other gaming products.

Police Service
The Police Service in WA plays a significant role in the management of licensed premises. As well as general Policing, the Service also manages local Liquor Accords across the State.

The Department of Consumer Protection
The Department of Consumer Protection is responsible for the Associations Incorporation Act - the legislation that governs the legal aspects of an incorporated club in Western Australia.

The Department of Racing, Gaming & Liquor
The principal Government department responsible for the regulation of the Racing, Gaming & Liquor industries in Western Australia. Web site includes some helpful information for clubs operating a liquor license or gaming permit. The web site also contains previous Director's decisions and policy guidelines.

The Department of Sport & Recreation
The DSR web site contains some documents freely available for download that maybe of some use to clubs, their committees and members.

The Drug and Alcohol Office
This sub-agency of the Health Department works across the Government and non-Government sector to address drug and alcohol issues in the community.

Road Safety Commission
The Road Safety Commission plays a major role in saving lives on WA roads through its co-ordination of state road safety strategy and policy, and through promotion of road safety issues. Clubs WA is proud to continue its ongoing co-operation with the RSC to minimise road trauma in WA.

Clubs WA supports road safety initiatives. Plan Ahead - Don't Drink & Drive.

The Western Australian Local Government Association
Local Governments sometimes play a vital part of the establishment, development and maintenance of clubs. The WALGA web sites lists all the individual web sites of local Governments in WA, which often have significant resources available for community organisations such as clubs.

Western Australian Legislation Online
The State Law Publisher provides all state based legislation online.

West Coast Small Business Training Institute
Small Business Solutions® is a comprehensive tailored program for small business delivered by the West Coast Small Business Training Institute.

Designed to enhance the business skills, profitability and growth of small businesses, Small Business Solutions provides small business owners the opportunity to get real business assistance from accredited industry professionals.