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Training / Course in Liquor Licensing - Online

Harm Minimisation

The Liquor Control Act 1988 plays a significant role in contributing to the minimisation of the harm caused to people through the consumption of alcohol.

One of the key objectives of the Act (section 5(1) of the Liquor Control Act 1988) is:
        'to minimise harm or ill-health caused to people, or any group of people, due to the use of liquor'.

To support the overarching objectives set out in the Act, beginning 28 August 2000, the Director of Liquor Licensing has constructed policy to assist licensees apply harm-minimisation principles in their venues.

Such policies include:
When an application is made for a liquor licence, the applicant must indicate:

  • how liquor will be sold and consumed in a responsible manner; and,
  • that harm or ill-health caused to people or any group of people, due to the use of liquor will be minimised.

Applicants will be required to show that they have developed the following three documents for their venue:

  1. House Management Policy

  2. Code of Conduct

  3. Management Plan

It is a condition of licence that the House Management Policy and the Code of Conduct and the Management Plan are available for your members, guests and patrons.

All three documents must also be made available at the licensed premises to an authorised officer if requested to do so.

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